Ever needed to have a dropdown on a form? Or on a configuration page? Maybe multiple dropdowns for different ends with different types? elm-ui is great, but it doesn’t offer a primitive for dropdowns. …

If you’re getting into Elm and still handling CSS files, just thrash them. Really. Go ahead and do it, because in Elm, we have the beautiful Elm-UI. You’ll get to write design in a language that’s actually understandable. However, Elm-UI probably still doesn’t have everything you might need. …

If you regularly work with remote, screenless machines, you probably regularly work with SSH too. SSH is great to access a machine, but what if it sits behind a router or firewall and you can’t change the rules? That’s what this is article is about: reverse tunnels!

The typical SSH connection

The simplest scenario…

You do it like this:

unique : List a -> List a
unique l =
incUnique : a -> List a -> List a
intUnique elem lst =
case List.member elem lst of
True -> lst
False -> elem :: lst
List.foldr incUnique [] l

There you go…

Diogo Silva

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